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Ian Parker

We dedicate this album to our dear friend and musician Ian Parker. I.P. passed from this world a week after our recording session.  Ian, we honor your life by bringing your legacy of music to the world.  We are proud to call you "friend" and miss your beautiful smile and tender spirit. V&T

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Tunes Through the Genres

University Of Maine Augusta, 46 University Dr, Augusta, ME

Val & Tess will be performing on the stage at Jewett Hall at the University of Maine Augusta (sponsored by the Senior College of UMA). Throughout their performance, Val and Tess will be playing tunes from a variety of genres as they weave their magical harmonies into the music of The Beatles, Johnny Cash, Bette Midler, Bonnie Raitt and many others.  Listen carefully as they explain their inspirations for music and writing - taking you through their journey of singing through genres. Tickets are $10, students $5, 12 & under free. Tickets are available at Pat’s Pizza in Augusta, Dave’s Appliance in Winthrop, and at the door.  Call 207-621-3551, or email for more information or mail order tickets This is a concert you won't want to miss!

$10 / students $5 / 12 & under free


Holiday Show

The Gin Mill, 300 Water Street, Augusta, Maine


Smooth Tunes

The Gin Mill, 300 Water Street, Augusta, Maine


The Plaid Dragonflies - What's In Our Name?

Our dragonfly symbolizes self-awareness and positive life changes.  Dragonflies only live a short life and so they are believed to live in the moment.  Dragonflies aid in clearing the path so you can see your life with new eyes and new light. 


Within our dragonfly wings, a plaid design represents all of the interweaving lines of our lives - the music that we make and the connection that we share, as well as the shared talents of all musicians and the endless connectivity with our family and friends. 


The upper wing forms the "T-wing" for Tess in shades of pink signifying love & healing energy.  The bottom wing forms the "V-wing" for Val in shades of green signifying a love & harmonious energy- together creating The Plaid Dragonflies - Val & Tess Duo!