The Plaid Dragonflies (feat. Val & Tess Duo)

by The Plaid Dragonflies

Released 2011
The Plaid Dragonflies - Val & Tess Duo
Released 2011
The Plaid Dragonflies - Val & Tess Duo
This album embodies an eclectic compilation of original blues, country, funk, folk and blues rock for all adult ages. Each song boasts whimsical weaving harmonies that keep the listener’s attention through the entire album.
In 2009, Val & Tess began writing a series of songs together and quickly decided that their musical connection would make a great duo. The musical duo plays in their local area as "The Val & Tess Duo" but felt that another name would be better suited as they began their CD adventure. With much consideration to the original music they shared, the duo came up with the name "The Plaid Dragonflies-Val & Tess Duo". Both singers and songwriters …
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Ian Parker

We dedicate this album to our dear friend and musician Ian Parker. I.P. passed from this world a week after our recording session.  Ian, we honor your life by bringing your legacy of music to the world.  We are proud to call you "friend" and miss your beautiful smile and tender spirit. V&T